2018 Chisholm Trail Chapter of Safari Club International Banquet


When:  February 24, 2018

             Doors Open at 5:30, Dinner at 7:00, Auction at 8:00

Where: Venue 332 @ ICT Scottish Rite Center (332 E. 1st St. N., Wichita, KS 67202)

Plated Dinner!


Live Auction!

Silent Auction!




Featured Live Auction Item!

To all potential bidders on the Jim Bauer Custom Rifle:


All of us as Hunters, Shooters or Collectors of Guns, at some point, want something different in our rifles than is offered from the large scale commercial builders.


Most of us want a rifle that we can trust to perform at a higher level than the guns we buy at stores or online. A lightweight rifle built for a week of climbing mountains; a heavier varmint rifle for calling coyotes; a rifle for the large guys that need an "Adult Size" gun.

The winning bidder will get a custom built rifle in any caliber up to a magnum bolt face.  So, if you want a .338 Lapua or a .300 Blackout, or a 6.5 Creedmoor, you get it.  You will sit down and talk with an expert about what it takes to build a gun that has all the specifications and options you want., not what some large company design team thinks will appeal to the largest market, at the cheapest price, to them. We'll talk about the differences in barrel manufacturing techniques, trigger options, stock options. overall weight of the gun, right or left handed, it's your custom rifle!

The list goes on and on, but in the end, we'll steer you in the direction of the best products available. 
We'll take the time to talk about what you want to do with this rifle. What type of animals or targets do you want to engage? Are you going to handload or buy factory ammunition? Are you recoil sensitive? All of these things will have an influence as to the final product. 

We can build you a wildcat cartridge if you are so inclined. We are going to have Gordy Gritters chamber this barrel/rifle. Gordy has built more 1K National Champion rifles than any one else in the U.S. I trust Gordy above all else. 

If you wish to get into hand loading your ammunition we'll take the time to set up your reloading equipment. walk you thru the process, and build ammo for this new rifle. We'll take the time to properly break in the barrel and zero the optics to the rifle.

All of these options may sound a little overwhelming. But it is up the successful bidder to decide how much of this process they want to be involved with. In the end you will have a rifle that feels different, solid in your hands. A rifle that will perform to the highest standards of performance. A rifle you had a part in designing and the knowledge you gained as well.

Jim Bauer

Featured Blue Bucket Item!

$2470 Leupold GR 20 60 x 80 Spotting Scope 

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. These primary missions are supported through the many arenas of the organization.

Advocate: Since 2000, SCI has spent $140 million on protecting the freedom to hunt through policy advocacy, litigation, and education for federal and state legislators to ensure hunting is protected for future generations. Through direct involvement and partnerships with like-minded organizations, SCI has become a political force in Washington, D.C. and other world capitals.

Connect: When you become a member of SCI, you join a network of over 55,000 like-minded individuals all over the world. In your local community there may already be an official SCI chapter. Working side by side, holding similar attitudes about the importance and responsibility of being a hunter, SCI members make a tangible difference through conservation efforts in their communities and voicing their concerns to representatives who take them to the floors of Washington.

Educate: The weekly E-Newsletters In The Crosshairs  and Hunt Now! provide breaking news, legal issues, government actions, product reviews, and exciting stories of the hunt, to more than 45,000 members. Through our publications, Safari Magazine and Safari Times, we keep you up to date on events and board actions as well, teach you some tips and techniques, and stories about other membersˊ hunting expeditions.

Represent: SCI members help shape and promote the image of the hunter to non-hunters through their words and actions. In addition to practicing ethical hunting while in the field and around others, members can give back by participating in humanitarian efforts taking place across the globe through the affiliated charitable organization, Safari Club International Foundation.


30% of the funds raised at the Wichita Chapter of SCI banquet go to to SCI International to support their efforts on a truly global scale.  70% of the funs raised go to supporting projects selected by the Board of Directors to support primarily Kansas based projects including KDWP Youth Hunter Education, Kansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Pass It On! Outdoor Mentors, and more.  We also support international conservation groups like Chiredzi River African Wildlife Trust (CRAWT) and Conservation Force.